Swipe Through a Busy Inbox

Boxer’s configurable swipe gestures allow you to tailor your email experience for quick management on-the-go. Simply tap settings in the bottom right corner to find all the ways Boxer can be configured to the way you like it.

Reply in an Instant

Respond to emails in a flash with Boxer’s quick templates! Within settings, Boxer gives you the option to create new quick templates, edit templates at any time and prioritize which templates show up first. When you’re ready to send, simply tap the grid, select Quick and choose your reply. Mission accomplished!

Easily Send Availability

Avoid the back and forth! Send your availability in an instant while on-the-go with the Boxer send availability feature. Simply swipe through your calendar and tap the times you wish to share, tap the checkmark and hit send.

Quickly Join Conference Calls

Another phone conference? Say goodbye to flipping back and forth to enter an access code or meeting number on your mobile device. With Boxer, you can instantly dial into conferences with a single tap!

Tackle Email with Bulk Options

Need to take action on multiple emails? Simply long tap on an email and then select which emails you wish to act on. After the emails are selected, either use the swipe gesture feature or select the action grid in the bottom right-hand corner to see all the actions available. (Hint: The action grid is also available in the top right-hand corner while reading individual emails.)

Change Up Your Email View

Want to change the way your email threads display? Find “Conversation view” under settings. Here, you can toggle Conversation threading on and off. If you like a more traditional view, keep this feature off. If you like a modern card-like view, try it out!