Workspace ONE was designed with you – the user – in mind.

The business app that safely brings your workspace to your own mobile device for ultimate convenience and productivity.

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What is Workspace ONE?

Workspace ONE is an app that gives employees like you access to their work apps and data from the convenience of their own mobile device. Log in with your work credentials and it acts as an entry point to all of your business apps, networks and drives, making it easy for you to be truly productive from almost anywhere.

What does Workspace ONE do for me?

Workspace ONE delivers simple access to work apps without a bunch of extra taps and complicated logins. You'll never have to worry about joining a VPN, manually setting up existing apps, or entering credentials for your AirWatch apps. Simply stay connected to your work email, intranet sites, documents and other business apps and never miss a beat.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy comes first. Just as you trust your device operating system such as Apple or Android to protect your privacy, Workspace ONE abides by the same privacy policies and rules. Our software is designed so that your personal information remains un-viewable and un-manageable by your IT team, and totally separate from work apps.

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