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If you are here, it is because your company has made changes to your digital workspace experience by introducing one or more of the Workspace ONE apps.

Here you can learn about the different productivity apps, how to get started, and how your privacy is protected.

Be More Productive with the Workspace ONE Apps

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Intelligent Hub is the single application you need for work. On any personal or corporate device, you can search for, request, or launch any application with single sign-on, view a personalized feed of corporate communications, complete quick actions, access intranet sites, and connect with colleagues. All with self-service capabilities to keep you productive from anywhere.

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Workspace ONE BOXER

Need access to your email and work calendar while away from your desk? Quickly respond to emails, share your calendar availability and organize your inbox, all from your mobile device with Workspace ONE Boxer.

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Capture, organize and share your greatest thoughts, ideas, meeting notes, images, voice and more with Workspace ONE Notebook.

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Access and share content anytime, anywhere, across repositories quickly and easily with Workspace ONE Content.

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Workspace ONE WEB

Don’t worry about the hassle of connecting to a VPN, access your company’s internal network sites and apps with Workspace ONE Web.

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Corporate and Personal Devices

Whether you are working on a laptop or mobile device owned by your company, or you have the option to work on your personal devices, you can expect the same experience. All of our apps are created to give you a consistent experience regardless of your device, but with your personal devices, we take an extra step to protect your privacy. Learn more on the privacy page.Each company has unique use cases and settings for Workspace ONE. Please contact your IT team if you have questions on what is available to you.

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Your Privacy

Your Privacy

Feel confident that your work and personal information stays separate on your personal devices.