Use your own device

You can download the Workspace ONE® app through the app catalog on your personal phone, laptop or tablet, regardless of the type or operating system. Just go to the app store, download Workspace ONE and follow the prompts.

forget multiple passwords

Enter your password once and you have access to all your apps and corporate websites, without having to login to VPN or sign in to each app individually.

customize with bookmarks

The Bookmark tab allows you to save the apps and websites that you need quick access to, without having to search through the entire Catalog each time. Just click the Bookmark symbol when you find an app in the Catalog, and it will be added to your Bookmarks view.

easily discover new apps

Using the search function in the Catalog, quickly and easily find apps that you need and get started immediately. Simply search for the app you need by name or if you know you need an app for content, but don’t know what the app name is, simply type ‘content’ and all related apps will appear. From the search results, you can easily take action, by launching, downloading or bookmarking the app or website.