Your Device, Your Control

Just like you control what your personal apps can access – your location, contacts or other personal data – you control what your work apps can access, too. The same privacy controls extend to Workspace ONE and your work apps, regulating what your IT department can access on your device.

And because it’s your device, you’re always in control. You can remove Workspace ONE and your work apps at any time, deleting all work information from your device.

So, What Does IT See?

Your IT department chose Workspace ONE because it protects them and you. The reality is, IT doesn’t want access to your personal data just as much as you don’t want them to see it. It’s a liability they don’t want to deal with. Their priority is to secure the corporate apps and data on your device, while only capturing the minimal amount of information needed to do that.

Privacy App

After downloading the Workspace ONE app, you may need to also activate a Workspace Services profile on your device. While activating you will have the option to view “My Privacy” showing you exactly what IT can and cannot access on your device. This information will also be added in the form of an app, giving you a real-time reflection of your company’s privacy policy, anytime.

Can’t access a feature on your device? Every Workspace ONE setup is unique and certain functionality may not be provisioned by your organization.