Don’t worry about your personal information being exposed. Workspace ONE protects it for you by keeping work and personal apps completely separate.

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Workspace ONE Protects Your Personal Information

We get that having your work apps and resources on your device helps you be more productive on the go.

We also get that you don’t want your IT department to be able to view your personal data – your texts, images, videos and browsing history. Workspace ONE protects your personal information by keeping it completely separate from work information.


How do we do it?

When you activate Workspace ONE, a profile is pushed to your device activating a service that separates work and personal apps to protect your personal data. This allows you to maintain control of exactly which work services and apps get enabled on your device while keeping personal apps safe.

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Your Device, Your Control

You already use a lot of apps in your personal life to stay productive. Have you ever wondered what keeps these apps from collecting your personal info?

Your operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) has a built-in privacy framework that protects your information from any apps and software on your device.

Essentially, you control what data an app can access on your device because you accept or decline certain prompts when you download the app.

Just like you control what your personal apps can access – your location, contacts or other personal data – you control what your work apps can access, too. The same privacy controls extend to Workspace ONE and your work apps, regulating what your IT department can access on your device.

And because it’s your device, you’re always in control. You can remove Workspace ONE and your work apps at any time, deleting all work information from your device.

So, What Does IT See?

Your IT department chose Workspace ONE because it protects them and you. The reality is, IT doesn’t want access to your personal data just as much as you don’t want them to see it. It’s a liability they don’t want to deal with. Their priority is to secure the corporate apps and data on your device.

When you install Workspace ONE, IT can push valuable resources directly to your device, such as work email, VPN, Wi-Fi and apps. However, they can’t force an app onto your device because you have the option to deny any app made available to you. Remember, your device, your control.

Your IT department captures a minimal amount of information on your device in order to secure corporate apps and data.

  • Your operating system version and device model
  • Security settings like encryption and passcode status
  • The work apps you’ve downloaded and their versions
  • Corporate content that’s been pushed to your device